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If you are a team leader or interested in becoming one, RE/MAX is the place to be. We have hundreds of teams from which to learn best practices and to share marketing concepts and ideas. Our Master Team Builder program provides you with a guide to building and training a highly proficient team.

Our Ultimate RE/MAX Team Event is where team leaders come together to share ideas and learn tips and techniques from the top coaches in the industry.
At RE/MAX we recognize you as an entrepreneur building a business and provide you the resources to do so.

To be the worldwide real estate leader, achieving our goals by helping others achieve theirs. Everybody wins.

What Our Agents Say!

Find out why successful agents choose RE/MAX every time!

The networking culture of RE/MAX has been a huge asset to our team. Not only is the RE/MAX network vast: we’ve enjoyed valued relationships with top Agents worldwide who have shared their knowledge, experience, skills- and sent referrals! Building our team, keeping it relevant and seeking new ideas constantly are byproducts of our RE/MAX affiliation. Plus having the backing of the world’s #1 brand in Real Estate mean potential clients are already sold on our effectiveness.


Team Leader – Prime Real Estate
RE/MAX Camosun