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CMN Appreciation: Valerie Kynoch

Val Kynoch Success Story

CMN Appreciation: Valerie Kynoch

RE/MAX is proud to be a supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network for more than 25 years through the Miracle Home Program! In Canada alone, our dedicated agents, whose deep commitment to community involvement, help raise millions of dollars each year through various initiatives. The Miracle Home Program is more than a way for RE/MAX agents to give back to their community, it is a way for them to build relationships with an organization that positively impacts children’s lives each and every day.

We hear remarkable stories about how the Miracle Home Program has impacted not only the children directly involved, but also our agents who graciously donate to CMN. Sometimes these stories come directly from agents who have had first hand experience with Children’s Hospitals and the impact CMN has had on their families.

Valerie Kynoch is one of those agents who recently shared her CMN story with us.

“BC Children’s Hospital has a very special place in our hearts.

When our son Riley was 12, he was out on our property on his motorbike.  He had a crash and sustained a very serious head injury.  He had on a full protection helmet, but in the impact of the crash the handle bar came up and hit him under the jaw and then it hit him through the goggle portal over his left eye.  He was air lifted to Children’s Hospital.

I flew with him, we were in the life support ambulance helicopter and we had to fly very low so that the pressure would not cause more damage.  It was surreal arriving on the helicopter pad on Oak Street in just a pair of shorts in complete shock.

Riley was met by 6 doctors at the landing pad and went immediately into a 7-hour surgery.  My husband drove to the hospital and arrived before he was out of surgery.  We spent many weeks in ICU, they kept him in an induced coma to heal.  He had fractured his jaw in 3 places and the orbital bone above his left eye was broken and he had a brain bleed.

Without Children’s Hospital he would not be here today!  And I am not even sure I can convey how grateful we are to the nurses and doctors who saved our son.

He had a year of rehabilitation and recovery, and he is an acquired brain injury survivor.  I am so proud to tell you that he has graduated with honours from University with a BSc. in Construction Project Management and he is working in Kelowna building beautiful projects.

I am so impressed that RE/MAX supports the Children’s Miracle Network, and I am thrilled to have the ability to give back through my Real Estate career.”

– Valerie Kynoch, RE/MAX Legacy (Valerie & son Riley pictured above)