Rubbing Shoulders with the Best, Rubs Off

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RE/MAX® believes sharing knowledge helps create top producers.

Rubbing Shoulders with the Best, Rubs Off

If you were about to enter the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, you’d probably want to get some feedback on your swing first. You could ask your local mini-putt manager who knows how to sink a putt or two or you could go to a pro-golfer. (Maybe one with the same first name as a certain jungle cat?) If given the opportunity, you’d probably choose the pro, as learning from a top performer can help you become one. The same can be said for real estate. Perhaps that’s why many RE/MAX top producers willingly share their knowledge and strategies with the rest of the network. -->

Interested in becoming a top producer or growing your career? Hving access to a powerful network like RE/MAX and surrounding yourself with some of the best in the business can help get you there.

Read on to learn more.

A little birdie told me and 140,000 others.

Networking used to be solely about door-knocking and cold-calling, limiting your reach. With access to the power of the RE/MAX brand and its network, your career doesn’t have to have limits. Top producers share their knowledge with the global network of over 140,000 agents1 through RE/MAX events, social media and more. One way of sharing is through the RE/MAX popular podcast series that broadcasts invaluable information from high achieving agents who reveal how they got to where they are today. That means you can cruise through your neighbourhood picturing your name on more ‘For Sale’ signs as you listen to Barry Cohen, the number one luxury agent in Toronto 2 share how he landed his first high-end listing. Other topics for inspiration include the latest sales techniques, mastering a team, being resourceful in real estate and tips on how to grow your business to help you achieve your goals.

The road to success might start in Vegas.

You can also hear from some top RE/MAX producers and connect with colleagues at RE/MAX events, like the popular R4 event in Las Vegas. This exclusive event offers days of collaboration, networking, entertainment, learning and industry news from experts. Push your career to the next level by attending sessions led by some of the best in the business and hear from speakers which have included celebrity guests, as well as the CEO/ President of RE/MAX, LLC, Nick Bailey, and Chairman of the Board/Co-Founder of RE/MAX, Dave Liniger. In the spirit of sharing, attendees from the entire RE/MAX network can collaborate at the highly popular global referral exchange to make new connections and leave with possible leads.

Something you’ll want to catch.

Productivity is contagious. RE/MAX is the most productive real estate network and RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than any other Canadian brand.3 It’s inspiring and motivating to see top producers achieve career highs. It’s also easier to grow your business with shared knowledge, strategies and a powerful network behind you. If you join the RE/MAX network4, you might just become a top producer. Don’t say, we didn’t warn you.

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  4. Each Office Independently Owned and Operated


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