It’s Not a Superpower, But it’s Close

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RE/MAX resources, brand name, powerful network and tools make for Super-Agents.

It’s Not a Superpower, But it’s Close

You might say the Unfair Advantages RE/MAX offers agents are kind of like having superpowers. Superheroes have their supernatural gifts and RE/MAX agents have amazing access to a powerful brand name, network, resources and tools, to save the day…er…sell more houses. In fact, RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than any other Canadian brand.* One way we help agents meet their goals is with our tech tools. It’s easier to be great at what you do when you have the right tools to be more productive. Master chefs have their cast-iron pans; famous street artists their spray paint and RE/MAX agents have the right tools.

Read on to learn how working with RE/MAX offers agents advantages with our specialized tools.

Meet Some of the Ways We Empower You to Be Super

Here are some of the resources we offer to help agents be more productive so they can have time to save a kitten from a tree, enjoy a drink with an umbrella in it, read a book or binge watch their favourite show.

Design CenterCreating your own marketing campaigns with typical software can be frustrating if you aren’t artistic or lack a degree in graphic design. Design Center lets you be your own Picasso, offering a user-friendly effective way to make marketing magic. Easily create print, digital and video marketing materials, including professional brochures, door hangers, virtual tours and more. The template is there, all you have to do is plug in your listing and contact info. No frustration or design degree required.

RE/MAX Hustle—Video is a popular medium for a reason. It’s an easy and effective way to get your message out and a quick way to capture the three-second attention span of most busy audiences. RE/MAX Hustle is an online tool that allows you the freedom to create your own professional looking video marketing without hiring a crew. You can even customize RE/MAX commercial spots for a finished video that may not turn you into the next big Hollywood director, but it may just get you one step closer.

CRM (booj)—Not that we’re boojee (see what we did there?) but we do have our own CRM tool. Booj is a CRM tool made for agents so you can build and keep track of those all-important client relationships. Send email campaigns to contacts, manage buyer and seller details throughout transactions, listing details and syndications all in one place. Booj also lets you create a website using a super easy template, or if you prefer to put your own stamp on things, you can customize your own. Good news—booj is now available in Western Canada and will be available in the rest of Canada by summer 2022!

RE/MAX Marketplace—Where do all good agents go to shop? Our Marketplace is the one-stop shop for preferred suppliers, which offer approved supplier discounts to our agents. Whether you need a quality stager, painter, office supplies, promo item or more you’ll find it here.

Sell Houses and Sip Your Cappuccino

Even superheroes have their alter ego kick back and watch a movie every now and then. Our network, big brand name and tools help agents be more productive. Less time creating marketing materials or on project management means more time to spend fostering client relationships or personal ones. Time with your dog, friends, family—whatever matters to you.

Capes to the Office Aren’t Mandatory

If you join us, we won’t make you wear a cape or ask you to lift a car. Those aren’t the superpowers we’re interested in. The secret to being a super-agent isn’t wearing a cape, it’s working with a brand that believes in homeownership for all and empowering agents with the resources they need to be the best they can be.


Learn more about the RE/MAX network and how you can be empowered to run your business your way.

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