Heard of RE/MAX®? We thought so.

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5 advantages to working as a RE/MAX agent and how it may help you sell more homes.

Heard of RE/MAX®? We thought so.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or living on one (shoutout to tech-billionaires on Mars) where homes aren’t sold, you’ve probably heard of RE/MAX. What does that mean for a RE/MAX agent? It means you can spend more time building a personal rapport with potential clients (talking about their new pet rabbit, car, or favourite sports team) and less time convincing them the company you work for is trustworthy.  That’s because over 90% of homebuyers and sellers1 know of RE/MAX. RE/MAX isn’t the new kid on the block. It’s been around longer than the band with a similar name and has stood the test of time. By adapting to the market, increasing its network, even creating specialized tech, apps and marketing tools, the RE/MAX brand continues to evolve and thrive. That’s why being an agent with a big brand name like RE/MAX offers its agents a competitive edge. Intrigued?

Read on to learn more about the 5 advantages to working for a big brand name like RE/MAX.

Advantage 1 – Good Relationships Are Built on Trust

You wouldn’t let a random stranger walk your dog.

Would you trust anyone with your most prized possession? Homeowners often spend years living in and fixing up their homes. All that time, effort and memories make it difficult to move on. The decision to sell is not one that’s made lightly.  Just like you wouldn’t let a random stranger walk your dog, sellers want a name they recognize and trust. Familiarity is especially comforting when dealing with a life-changing event such as moving. The RE/MAX® name appears everywhere—in impactful advertising and publications and on For Sale signs in most neighbourhoods. Voted as the ‘Most Trusted Real Estate Brand in Canada’,2 working for RE/MAX gives agents instant credibility. Trust builds loyalty which offers a huge advantage when separating yourself from the competition. Add in our powerful global network of support, and it’s kind of like having an NBA player join your afternoon game of pick-up.

Advantage 2 – Get the Inside Scoop

Because FOMO is real… FOMO (fear of missing out) is not just an expression. When you miss out on important information that can help you boost your business, it’s a big deal. Information and access to it, is often the key to success and getting leads. As a RE/MAX® agent, you have access to information not always offered at another brand. When you join RE/MAX you also have access to a global network of over 140,000* agents worldwide. Working for a big brand like RE/MAX, helps you stay one step ahead of the competition, without worrying about missing out on information and leads. *As of year-end 2021

Advantage 3 – Leading the Way, in Leads

Save your calorie burn for the gym.

You can chase down leads all day, which may burn calories (but let’s face it, is time-consuming and energy draining), or you can join the RE/MAX® network. RE/MAX leads the way in leads. (See what we did there?) The power of our network means every agent receives fee-free leads (try saying that 3 times fast) each year!3 No workout required. With strong brand awareness and RE/MAX signs nearly everywhere, RE/MAX is who homebuyers and sellers think of first.4

Advantage 4 – Partnerships to Make Others Jealous—NBA/Team Sponsorships

Move over NBA Obsessed Rappers.

RE/MAX® agents are the Official Real Estate Agents of the NBA in Canada. How cool is that? This association and our partnership with several NHL teams gives the brand and its agents amazing visibility and the chance to reach large audiences and a younger demographic. Plus, it’s kind of inspiring to have the chance to see your company’s logo while watching the big game.

Advantage 5 – Most Searched Brand

We get good Google.

Searched for more than the average set of car keys, RE/MAX® does amazingly well in Google searches. According to Google Trends, in the past 5 years5 the RE/MAX brand name was searched more than any other real estate brand in Canada. That means when consumers are looking to sell or buy a home, they’re not just looking for an agent, they’re looking for a RE/MAX agent.

Humble brag time.

Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.6 A strong brand, resources, and powerful network are amongst the long list of advantages to working for a big brand name like RE/MAX. We were only able to mention five here and know you probably stopped reading at number three. That’s okay, we understand. If you’re working for someone other than RE/MAX, you’re probably busy chasing down leads. Join us, and you might just have the time to sell houses and read blog posts.

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  2. Based on a survey of 7,857 Canadians
  3. Based on year end 2021 agent count and total leads generated and tracked via google analytics
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Source: CREA / RE/MAX- As measured in sides


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