Better Work, Better Life

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RE/MAX® helps agents achieve work-life balance.

Better Work, Better Life

Being an agent doesn’t leave much time for much else. If your breakfast is usually a cup of coffee with a side of air—you might need better work-life balance. It is possible. RE/MAX agents sell more than any other Canadian brand1 and yet many have found the perfect mix of high production and time to enjoy life. Being part of the RE/MAX network offers a big brand name, assets you can leverage such as tools, marketing materials, advertising and PR investments and support to help make it easier to achieve. What does that mean for agents/brokers/owners? The chance to have better work-life balance.

Read on to learn how the RE/MAX network helps agents achieve better work-life balance.

We Like Big Brands, We Cannot Lie

Chase waterfalls, not leads.

There are many advantages to working for a big brand name like RE/MAX® which may afford agents more time to do non-agent things. RE/MAX was voted #1 Most Trusted Real Estate Brand in Canada,2 and RE/MAX is the most recognized name in real estate.3 The size and reputation of the brand gives instant credibility and helps agents to acquire leads organically through visibility and reputation. It also offers the opportunity for fee-free leads from remax.ca. Less time chasing leads means more time for you to chase waterfalls, butterflies, or whatever else makes you happy.

Sometimes, it’s about being seen.

Visibility helps generate business. RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than any other Canadian brand4 which could lead to more ‘For Sale’ signs in neighbourhoods. This helps keep the RE/MAX brand top of mind when consumers are ready to hit the market. In addition billions of dollars have been spent promoting the RE/MAX brand and agents. (Yes, that’s billion, with a “b”). Our PR efforts alone amass two billion impressions5 landing the RE/MAX brand in top media outlets such as: The Financial Post, CP24, CTV and the National Post. RE/MAX continues to invest in marketing so agents/brokers/owners can reap the rewards of working for a big brand and spend less time trying to stay top of mind with consumers. We’ve done it for you. You’re welcome. And since more buyers and sellers would recommend RE/MAX than any other real estate brand6 it appears to be working.

We Help with Your Homework

Even our blog is an overachiever.

Just like the well-meaning parent helps with their kid’s science project so they can make it to the science fair, agents can leverage a powerful network and assets to help them achieve next level results with less effort. Our nationwide blog provides up to the minute information on events, industry news and makes life easier by offering reports, newsletters and marketing materials you can share with clients. There are also social graphics based on reports that you are welcome to use on your social channels. Though no one can do your work for you, RE/MAX can give you access to amazing marketing materials to save time and help you get ahead. (Kind of like when a parent stays up all night making Styrofoam planets.)

 Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Okay, so if you’re making a decision, most times you want to go with rock. If you’re writing a grocery store list, then paper. Choosing the right tool for the job makes a difference. RE/MAX tools are made specifically for agents. With platforms to help manage contacts, leads and listings, and the ability to send customized marketing materials and videos with the click of a button, RE/MAX tools help RE/MAX agents create flyers, brochures, listing presentations, virtual videos, email campaigns in less time. With tools and support at your fingertips including approved supplier discounts at RE/MAX Marketplace® for promo items, office supplies and staging needs, it’s easier to be productive, and get it all done so you can enjoy life outside of work.  

Have it All, Or Stay Where You Are

Stop and eat the pancakes.

A powerful brand, network, tools and resources means less time spent on paperwork, marketing campaigns and managing leads, so you can grow your business and still have work-life balance. Perhaps you love a constant heart attack level of stress and swallowing your meals whole. If that’s the case, then please stay where you are. If you’d prefer to have a productive career, hang out with your favourite dog or human, and sit down to enjoy a stack of pancakes every now and then, it’s probably time to join RE/MAX.

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